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Rabies Warning for Northern Wake County Near Franklin County Line

Rabies Warning for Northern Wake County Near Franklin County Line

Local health officials have issued a rabies notice for residents and visitors in the vicinity of the intersection of Wall Road and the Wake/Franklin county line. A case of rabies in a fox was confirmed Monday, July 27, 2009.

On July 26, a fox interacted with two dogs on Windemere Lane in Wake County. Since both dogs were current with their rabies vaccinations, they only required a rabies booster shot.

“The outcome would have been quite different for the dogs and family members had these dogs not been properly vaccinated,” said Wake County Animal Control Director Michael Williams. “We urge everyone to check the rabies vaccination status of their pets, and make sure they are current with vaccines.”

Anyone who sees an animal acting in an unusual manner is urged to call their respective animal control agency. Numbers are listed at the end of this release.

Whenever a person is bitten or scratched by an unknown animal, they should thoroughly clean the wound with soap and warm water, and contact their physician or Wake County Community Health immediately. The daytime phone number for Wake County Community Health is 250-4462; the after-hours number is 839-3059.