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Want Something Fixed? There’s An App for That

Want Something Fixed? There’s An App for That

Is there something around town that bugs you and you’d like see it fixed? You know, that one pot hole you keep hitting or the traffic light that never seems long enough. Maybe you’d like to see a sidewalk repaired or a crosswalk added someplace.

There’s a way to record these wishes using the See, Click, Fix ( @seeclickfix )app. we’ve added. Take a look at the bottom of our front page (location may change) and see what we’re talking about.

This is a neat, Google Maps-based way to make note of the things around town that need some fixin’. The hope is that the local public works authorities – town, county, state – will access this database and add it to their “To-Do” lists.

What’s more, you can vote on items that are already listed if you’d like to see them fixed, too. And you can add your comments on why you’d like them fixed.

This is a great way for the community to report on and interact with each about these issues. We hope you enjoy it, and always, please feel free to leave feedback