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Lowe’s Foods to Stop Honoring Greenpoints Next Week

Lowe’s Foods to Stop Honoring Greenpoints Next Week

One of the things that sets Lowe’s Foods apart from its grocery store competitors is its participation in the S&H Greenpoints program, but now that is coming to an end on Oct. 6.

The N&O’s Sue Stock has details here.

The store is the only grocery in the area to offer the promotion. Customers would accumulate points simply by scanning their Lowe’s loyalty card and points were awarded based on the pre-tax dollar value of the purchase.

In return, Lowe’s would frequently offer special discounts for items when points were redeemed.

Despite this change, the Greenpoints aren’t worthless. In fact they can be redeemed online at dozens of retailers by going here.

If you’d like to tell Lowe’s Foods how you feel, you’ll have to call 888.537.8646. The Contact Us form is available here, but it looks like it might just be a survey.