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24 July 2023

Diabetes stigma refers to negative thoughts, attitudes and behaviours towards people living with diabetes.

But to find ways to address it, we need a better understanding of how diabetes related stigma develops and how it affects people.

19 July 2023

Each year we invest over £6 million into all kinds of new research, investigating everything from the root causes of diabetes to its complications. Now let’s shine the spotlight on a project that’s just underway. 

Dr Catherine Arden is a Lecturer in Diabetes at the University of Newcastle. With our funding she’s investigating why toxic molecules can stop insulin-making beta cells from working properly in people living with type 2 diabetes. 

12 July 2023

We’ve taken some of the cutting-edge science we fund out of the lab and into the pub. As part of the Pint of Science festival, two of our brilliant researchers at the University of Exeter gave pub-goers a run through of their latest Diabetes UK-funded work. 

Pint of Science is the world’s largest festival of public science talks. Their mission is to bring researchers and members of the public together to chat about science and learn from each other in friendly environments, away from daunting lecture theatres.

23 March 2023

We’re shining the spotlight on a research project we’re co-funding with the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), looking at how dentist appointments could help to find people with or at risk of type 2 diabetes.

People living with diabetes can be at a higher risk of developing dental problems, like gum disease and tooth decay. So keeping on top of oral health is really important, and regular dentist appointments can play a part. 

17 March 2023

A blood pressure treatment called verapamil can protect insulin-making beta cells, slowing down type 1 diabetes progression in young people, according to the results of a new clinical trial funded by JDRF.

The exciting findings point to alternative treatments to immunotherapies, which could help more people with type 1 diabetes to have a ‘softer landing’ after their diagnosis.

09 March 2023

In a new study funded by us, researchers have discovered new information about the role of a molecule found in chillis in reducing foot pain by healing damaged nerves.

People living with diabetes can be at a higher risk of nerve damage in parts of their body, known as neuropathy.

05 October 2022

We’ve partnered with the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) Programme Grants for Applied Research (PGfAR), to co-fund new research to better understand diabetes distress.

Diabetes doesn’t just affect you physically, it can affect you emotionally too. But there’s still a lot more we need to understand about the impact of diabetes on mental and emotional wellbeing, and importantly, how to support people.

23 September 2022

This week, researchers from around the globe have been gathering in Stockholm for the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) annual meeting.

Question marks over coronavirus-diabetes link

Research worldwide has pointed to a higher-than-expected number of new diagnoses of type 1 diabetes in people who have had coronavirus.

01 September 2022

Our researchers have been looking into whether stressed-out insulin-making cells in the pancreas can trigger the immune attack behind type 1 diabetes.

In type 1 diabetes, the immune system attacks and destroys insulin-making beta cells. But scientists aren’t sure if the immune system‘s attack on beta cells is entirely unprovoked or whether beta cells are playing a part in triggering their own downfall.

04 August 2022

Our research has revealed that insomnia may cause high blood sugar levels, directly increasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

We know from past research that there’s a link between sleep and a person’s risk of type 2 diabetes, but it hasn’t been clear which comes first – bad sleep or higher blood suga

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