Privacy Policy

Destination Wake Forest values your privacy. We collect very little identifiable data about our visitors and registered users. Please read on to see how your privacy is handled.


Destination Wake Forest does not require registration to comment. Unregistered visitors who comment are required to fill out their name and a valid e-mail address. The “name” field will be used to publicly identify the comment author. Unregistered visitors may also voluntarily add a URL to their website, but it is not required. First-time commenters require approval from an administrator before the comment can be published. Once an e-mail address has the first approved comment, additional comments do not require approval. (If you feel there is a glitch in this system, please use our Contact form.) Please review our Acceptable Use Policy for how we handle discussions. Commenter names and e-mail addresses are stored in our database only for the purpose of identification when making future comments. We will not use the e-mail address to contact you with sales pitches, site news, or other broadcast communication. However, we do reserve the right to contact individual commenters via e-mail on a case-by-case basis, and only when absolutely necessary. User e-mail addresses are not published when a comment is made.

Your e-mail address will never be made public by this site.

We will never sell or give away the e-mail addresses of registered or unregistered users. Nor will we grant access of this list to a third party. Should you receive a suspicious e-mail claiming to be from Destination Wake Forest, on behalf of Destination Wake Forest, or with the endorsement of Destination Wake Forest, please contact us immediately for verification.

Registered Users

Those who do register need to provide a username and e-mail address as part of the registration process, you will need to type in a special code to prove you’re not a “spam-bot”.  The purpose of this is to prevent spam crawlers from commenting, posting, or corrupting, site content.

Your username can be your real name or a “handle” by which you wish to be known. Your username will be displayed on the site when you post comments or stories. If you configure the contact information in your profile, other registered users will be able to e-mail you via a form, but your e-mail address will not be exposed.

Headlines by E-Mail

Destination Wake Forest uses a service provided by Feedburner (a Google property) to deliver daily headlines by e-mail. Visitors may sign up for this free service by entering their e-mail address on the front page of the site. Full copies of the published content with attached images will be mailed every day there is something published. Users who sign up for this service are giving their e-mail address to Google, where it is stored only for the purposes of delivering the e-mail. Destination Wake Forest administrators can view the e-mail addresses submitted, but not any other information. Users who opt-in to receive headlines by e-mail may opt-out at any time using the link within each e-mail.


The registration process creates a cookie that will be used to identify you as a returning user. This is done by many sites, generally for the benefit of the user. For example, the cookie will let the site know the last time you logged in so it can show you new information such as comments or posts. Nothing else is done with this information.

At present, Commission Junction, Google AdSense and our OpenX are being used for our banner advertising. Some of these banners may also use cookies for statistical purposes.

To measure our traffic, we use Google Analytics and Quantcast. These do not track individual users by name, but instead record anonymous traffic information.  This is helpful for us to serve our users and to show our advertisers the breakdown of our traffic. These tools may also use cookies for statistical purposes.

You may choose to disable, delete, or clear cookies within your Web browser. Each browser has its own method of allowing you to do this. Please consult the Help for your browser if you are not familiar with making this change. Also, note that disabling, deleting, or clearing cookies in your browser may result in re-entering information into certain Web sites, and the loss of certain customizations.

Some advertising partners (such as Google AdSense) may use something known as “Web beacons,” which display advertising based on factors such as your particular geographic area. Again, this does not identify individuals, only general locations based on IP Addresses.

Other information

Certain standard “log” information is collected on each visit by our servers. This information records details such as the time of visit, pages viewed, the type of browser used, IP address, whether the user came from another site, and if so, which site. This is not used to create individual user profiles. It is used, like the tracking software mentioned above, to see what is generating the most interest.

If you have any questions about our privacy and cookie polices, please contact Dennis Hebert or Tim Lavallee at