Acceptable Use

Acceptable Use Policy For Destination Wake Forest

Destination Wake Forest (hereinafter referred to as “DWF”) has established certain guidelines for users to ensure the site remains acceptable by a broad range of users. While the first priority to is uphold and defend the First Amendment, DWF reserves the right to place some limitations on the site’s content. A free exchange of ideas is welcome – including criticisms of our content. Personal attacks are not permitted.

Inappropriate Content

DWF implements a zero-tolerance policy for the posting of any inappropriate content – including, but not limited to: nudity, content harmful to children, profanity, incendiary comments, and vulgarity – in images, drawings, photos, videos, or any other fashion (such as the use of text characters).  All such posted material will be removed from view without notification.

Any content that is posted violates any law will be removed from view, and any identifiable information will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agency. DWF will comply with any ensuing investigations to the best of its ability, including transferring any material to investigators with or without a request or lawful warrant. By posting such content, the user grants DWF the right to transfer any material that may be subject to investigation.

Vulgarity and Profanity

It is expected that that users will exercise decorum in their communications.  There are no plans to actively monitor or mediate discussions. Individuals are allowed to respond to each other with respect and courtesy.  Offensive speech that is reported to the Webmaster will be reviewed, and appropriate actions will be taken.  For regsitered users, this may include account deletion, or other actions as deemed appropriate by the Webmaster.

DWF implements a zero-tolerance policy for any incendiary comments, images, posts, etc.  The Webmaster is not obligated to give advance warning, and reserves the right to edit or delete any material which falls into this category at their discretion. If there appears to be an imminent threat of harm to person or property, DWF will notify law enforcement and provide any information which may aid the investigation.

Plagiarism and Piracy

DWF supports the idea of the Internet being a place to freely share ideas.  Users who wish to cite the work of others may link to that work and note its origin.  However, any known plagiarism, intellectual piracy, or other forms of copyright infringement, shall be removed from the site without notice to the person who posted the item.  DWF copyrights its material under a non-commercial Creative Commons license, and we allow individual posters to retain their own copyright.

If you have any questions about our Acceptable Use Policy, please contact Dennis Hebert or Tim Lavallee at