Something Science-y for Kids to Get Excited About

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It is challenging to find things to keep kids busy with during the summer or find track-out camps for children of working parents.  Recently, I came across a fantastic, unique camp thanks to a flyer sent home with my kids from Franklin Academy.  The camp is called S.T.E.M., or Science, Engineering, Technology and Math.  Their tag line is “engineering fun with math and science” and for my 9-year-old, that was S.P.O.T. on!

They offer a variety of themed weeks, including aerospace, civil, environmental, and mechanical engineering.  My son attended an aerospace themed week.  This was on the heels of attending the Science Olympiad over at Wakefield High School, where his Grandfather’s middle school team from Cary, placed in their bottle rocket entry.  Aeronautics was on his brain.  Actually, that may be a stretch.  Figuring out how to send things shooting into the sky was on his brain.  Big time.

S.T.E.M. was a perfect fit.  Without totally “geeking out” (which there is nothing wrong with, by the way) the program teased out the kids’ natural curiosity about, well, sending stuff shooting into the air, and then they learned and applied the actual principles of physics and tested thing out.

He came home the second day talking about Newton’s Second and Third Laws of Motion.  He knew exactly what they were and explained them to me, quite succinctly.  This got my attention.

In case you were wondering why he didn’t mention the First Law, he was absent the first day of camp due to an illness…I am quite certain they covered it then...

How many third graders know who Isaac Newton was?  How many have a basic working knowledge of his three laws of motion?  How many kids get excited about applying and experimenting with the laws of physics?  This was intriguing to me.  If more kids could get past the intimidation of math and science and figure out how to get excited about it, (which is really not hard, given the right guiding hand), I think we could really channel some energy, enthusiasm, and brain power in a positive direction.

Equally impressive as my son’s enthusiasm for the program, was the woman in charge of it all, Moni Singh.  She had a wonderful demeanor with the children, whose ages ranged from 6 – 11, both boys and girls.  They all seemed to be as engaged as my son was; no small feat with that age range, maturity levels, and attention spans.  There are full and half day options for the camp, you can select the number of days each week you want your child to attend, and there are camps which can accomodate all of the Wake County school calendars, both traditional and year-round.  They provide a tremendous amount of flexibility to better meet the needs of families.

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Becky Elms

Becky Elms

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