The Lemon Tree and Falls Day Spa Team Up for Mother’s Day Contest

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I am in a really “pro-Mom” mood right now.  I am entirely fed up with our culture pitting Mom against Mom.  Moms who work vs. stay-at-home-Moms.  Moms who cook everything from scratch (feel free to insert organic or home grown here as well) vs. Moms who fly by the grocery on the way home from (Work? Volunteering? Activities?) and pray that there is a reasonably fresh rotisserie chicken still left in the warmer.  Moms who breast-feed vs. Moms who feed with a bottle (whatever the reason).  Moms who are married vs. Moms who are not.  Moms who home school vs. Moms who do not.  Moms who exercise/wear make-up/sport the latest $200 pair of jeans vs. Moms who do not, care not to or cannot.

Let me make this clear.  We Moms, yes, all (or at least most) of us, are doing the very best we know how with the resources that we have been given.  And by “resources,” I do NOT mean money.  Of course financial resources are a factor but I specifically mean your emotional, spiritual, physical, familial, community and environmental resources.  We draw upon all of these resources to get through each and every day.  Some days, there just isn’t enough, but somehow we make do despite that, then get up and do it all over again the next day.

Then we flip on the news and have to hear the talking heads spew forth the latest study that makes us second guess our decisions, doubt ourselves, and generally feel inadequate.  As Moms, why do we even listen to that garbage?  Stop the bashing, get rid of the Mom Guilt, and recognize that we are all doing the best we can in a culture that pits us against one another.

So, I want to help a fellow Mom out.  I wish I could help you all out, but I can’t.  The Falls Day Spa and The Lemon Tree are putting on a contest.  Stop by either location and write a short paragraph telling them about that special Mom in your life and why she deserves an amazing Day at The Falls Day Spa with lunch AND a take home dinner provided by The Lemon Tree. The winner will be announced on Monday, May 7th, 2012 just in time for Mother’s Day.

If you can’t convince your husband to run down there and write a nice paragraph about you, why don’t you think of a friend, another Mom, someone who has been through the wringer lately, and write a paragraph about her.

Maybe, just maybe, we can reverse this trend of Mom eating Mom cannibalism.


By the way, both businesses are founded and run by women…and…Moms.  See how easy it is to help each other out if you just think about it?

We should be propping each other up, offering a smile and nod of understanding when you see that toddler lying down in the grocery store aisle screaming.  Maybe even offer to help.  I’m sure she’ll say no, but can you imagine how nice that would be?  Someone actually offering to help in that moment?  It’s once you are in this tireless, tedious, and more often than not, thankless job that you can truly understand it.

I’ve got your back, Moms; I hope you have mine, too.

Becky Elms

Becky Elms

We moved to the Wake Forest area in 1999 from Pennsylvania. Subsequently, I hung up my corporate cleats to become a stay-at-home Mom of 2 boys and 2 girls, now ranging in age from 3 – 11. My aim is to provide DWF readers the same type of local “what’s happening” tidbits and nuggets of information that I would share amongst my friends and neighbors, from a moms perspective.

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  1. Love this Becky! I got your back and all those other Moms out there-you go girl-superb topic and feedback.

    Molly Robidoux
    June 3, 2012 at 6:25 pm