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Last Mothers Day, May 2011, was a memorable one at our house.  Memorable in the way that you’d kind of like to forget, but can’t because in hindsight, they are funny stories that get funnier as the year goes by…

The kind of memorable that involves my daughter writing a Mother’s Day essay for school that described how I threw a box of doughnuts across the kitchen floor when my kids wouldn’t stop arguing over who would get which doughnut.  The kind of memorable that involved us scrambling to attend church on Mother’s Day, followed by some unfortunate events that led to a (my) dramatic exit from the family vehicle…and subsequent walk around the outside of the North Raleigh Hilton (several times) with steam coming out of my ears because of all the arguing, fighting, and fussing amongst my children.  On Mother’s Day.

Normally, I am a very calm, very patient parent.  I swear!  It was an extraordinarily off day for me.

We ended up spending the afternoon at the North Raleigh Hilton, thanks to the brunch they offered (my husband had done some recon while I was cooling off) and the Lego Convention that the Hilton was hosting that weekend.  While I wasn’t looking to be pampered or spoiled, I had wanted to take the family on a hike and have a picnic over at Umstead State Park.  While the Lego Convention wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, at least there was a cease-fire among the kids for the afternoon.

This year, I am taking Mother’s Day into my own hands.  A couple of weeks ago, I heard about the “Run Like A Mother” 5K to be held on Mother’s Day, starting from the Kerr YMCA at 8:30am.  It is a women-only 5K event (ages 12 and up) with a 1 mile timed fun run for kids under 12 (boys and girls!), to start at 8am.  There will be activities for Dads, and kids, not the least of which will be cheering on all the Moms.  It’s early enough not to interfere with any other plans that may await you on Mother’s Day and at a location that is easily accessible for most in the area.

According to their website, Run Like A Mother Race “is created by women, inspired by women. It’s one day a year when children and husbands can stand on the sidelines and cheer on their mothers and wives – a true celebration of the strength of a woman.”  Proceeds from this event will go to the YMCA Outreach Programs here in the Wake Forest area.

I think it will be a great way to start off the day, and I’m sure (hoping) it will help me find some inner balance for whatever else comes my way this Mother’s Day.  I hope to see you there!

Becky Elms

Becky Elms

We moved to the Wake Forest area in 1999 from Pennsylvania. Subsequently, I hung up my corporate cleats to become a stay-at-home Mom of 2 boys and 2 girls, now ranging in age from 3 - 11. My aim is to provide DWF readers the same type of local "what's happening" tidbits and nuggets of information that I would share amongst my friends and neighbors, from a moms perspective.

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