Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (Camp) Oh My!!

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In the ongoing battle to keep American kids from losing any more ground in the fields of Math and Science to their foreign peers, North Carolina offers a small silver lining.  While America is still behind several nations in science and math, North Carolina students are performing better than other U.S. states in Math.

To encourage kids to explore the opportunities within the fields of STEM, Moni Singh founded STEM for Kids.  Founded in Raleigh, she is bringing this unique experience to Wake Forest, beginning in February!

STEM camps center around a number of different themes, including Civil, Aerospace, Mechanical, Environmental, Electrical, Robotic, and Computer Engineering for kids in grades K-5.  Parents and campers alike have rave reviews for the hands on (and FUN) learning experiences offered through STEM for Kids.

A true grass-roots organization, STEM for kids offers in-school workshops, field-trips, after school programs, trackout camps, as well as a giveback program for schools.  Last quarter, 13 local schools benefitted from the donations.

With the outlooks looking grim for the U.S. to produce enough STEM graduates to fill future STEM jobs, this may be just what our kids need to ignite the spark and create a lifelong passion and pursuit of the myriad opportunities that exist within the STEM fields.

Schools and parents interested in these programs can visit or email at  Organizations interested in supporting increased program accessibility can email


Becky Elms

Becky Elms

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